Software/App Prices

Cold Chamber Software/App and Marketing – Prices

Benefit from the numerous features of the unique RemediCool (Medical) Software/App and the experience of RemediCool and the network of RemediCool Software users.
The RemediCool (Medical) Software and App are constantly optimized and extended to the latest innovative solutions and findings from research results. Our interfaces to the high-performance cold chambers and the cardioscan and 3D body scan devices of various manufacturers turn every cold application into an experience. Thus, we ensure an optimal application result in all application areas.

RemediCool Cold Chamber Software/App and RemediCool Medical Software/App are designed for use in cold chamber centers, clinics, spas, physical therapy practices, fitness and EMS studios, beauty salons, hotels, wellness centers and healthcare facilities, among others.

Software license
monthly only

  • Full use of all functions of the RemediCool software
  • Free RemediCool app for your customers and patients
  • Generous area protection
  • Only 12 months minimum term

Setup fee
one time
one time

  • Store setup, products, calendar
  • Software training for 2 people
  • App Marketing Tool Setup
  • Anamnesis sheet setup

Branding for your own app
one time
one time

  • Implementation of your logo in the cold chamber app
  • Complete branding of the RemediCool app to your company
  • Unlimited free downloads of the app for your customers and patients

Cryo operator training
Online training

  • Detailed training materials
  • Training tailored to cold chamber operators and employees
  • Certificate for the passed training as a cryo-operator

Marketing Package

  • Starter marketing strategy for your website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Business Listing
  • Listing on