Research in the field of refrigeration applications.

Cold applications of various kinds have been known for centuries. Regardless of whether local cold applications or whole-body cold applications, most people have already come into contact with cryotherapy. The most common form of cold application is currently the local or punctual cold application by means of cold packs, ice spray or similar aids. But also the applications in a cold chamber or ice cabin are increasingly used as a more pleasant alternative to ice baths.

kryotherapie forschung Remedicool
Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson – Schlafforscher

Even though the effect of cold on pain, swelling and other ailments has been known for a long time, there is currently little provable research on whole-body cold application.

However, since research in this field is an important basis for the serious application in a cold chamber and the research results are relevant for the statements on the effect of cold therapy, RemediCool has made it its business to advance research in this field.

For some time now, the RemediCool in the Research Cold Chamber Center in Cologne, conducts application observations for various application areas. These application observations are accompanied by physicians, professors, psychologists and other experts in the respective application area.

The experience of the team enables a professional and research-oriented implementation of the application observations. In addition, the focus on research brings a variety of benefits and insights that can be used by RemediCool for its own developed software RAS. Thus, applications can not only be designed more efficiently, but also the application times can be optimally calculated and adjusted according to the needs.

Currently, the research studio in Cologne Application observations in the areas of sleep disorders, diet support and regeneration. For the application observations, suitable test subjects are assigned to the respective application area to be observed; for example, the study on regeneration is conducted with subjects ranging from moderately active athletes to professional athletes. The diet support study involves subjects who have completely adapted their diet so that the results of the application observations are not influenced by unsuitable subjects or falsifying factors.

Since double-blind studies are not possible in cold applications, RemediCool pays special attention to consistent framework conditions and identical procedures.

For the future, further application observations in different application areas of cold therapy are already planned.

RemediCool researches at the highest level and brings the standard to a new level for both research, and operation of a cold chamber, as well as for application in a cold chamber. With the collaboration of RemediCool and ProCCare come other experts such as Pat Viroux and Dr. Dusan Fiala, the developer of the thermophysiological model, the possibilities for research in the field of cold therapy expand tremendously. Together, RemediCool and ProCCare are elevating cold chamber research and applications to a gold standard.

In the meantime, the RemediCool software is already being used for research purposes in the field of cryotherapy throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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