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Vital data acquisition
With the RemediCool app you can easily record your most important vital data and your performance. Whether it's your general well-being, your pain level, your weight, your sleeping patterns or your performance in sports. Everything can be displayed clearly and concisely with a graphic.
Appointments at the touch of a button
Book your next appointment quickly and easily in the app. You will be shown the available dates on the desired date for direct booking.
Unique: Individual application time
Based on data from over 36,000 applications, the RemediCool software uses a unique algorithm to calculate your optimal application time for the cold chamber. In addition, the software provides your recommended application repetitions for an individual application rhythm.
Extra Features

Also take advantage of other features like a rewards program for inviting contacts, a gifting app feature, and managing your personal information.

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Always ready to use with all functions on your tablet: the RemediCool app.

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Use the RemediCool app anytime on the go or from home, easily right on your smartphone.

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Customers about Remedicool
RemediCool App - User

As a competitive athlete in martial arts, I rely on my body to always perform at full capacity and push me beyond my limits. The regular cold applications support my regeneration and performance. With the RemediCool app, I can track my performance in daily training and my weight in parallel, so that I have all important data summarized in my app at a glance, especially for competition preparation.

Dermatologist and RemediCool App user

The RemediCool app makes it much easier for me to plan and manage my appointments. I can also spontaneously request appointments in my cold studio at any time and enjoy my cold treatments quite flexibly. I also recommend the applications to my patients, as I am absolutely convinced of the positive effect of the cold chamber on skin problems and skin diseases.

RemediCool App - User

Some time ago, I integrated the applications in the cold chamber into my daily routine and am absolutely thrilled. With the RemediCool app, I now also have the option of recording the effects of the cold applications in the app and even get my successes clearly displayed here. With the app, I can even show the results to my friends and invite them directly to a cold application.


Frequently asked questions about the RemediCool software and app.

The RemediCool software algorithm calculates the individual application time and recommended application repetition for each user based on factors such as: Gender, age, height, body weight, skin type, physical factors such as sports activity and application area.

With the RemediCool app, you can invite contacts from your smartphone or tablet to cold treatments in your cold chamber studio directly from the app with a pre-written message. This feature is also available at select clinics, doctor’s offices and medical facilities. Your invited friends will get the application at a special price when they visit by showing the invitation and you will be credited with a free application directly in your app.

The app displays free appointments in your cold chamber center. These can be booked in real time with just a few clicks. This also enables spontaneous cold treatments without waiting times.

Recording vital data with the RemediCool app is quick and easy. Among other things, data on general well-being, pain level, sleep behavior, performance improvement and weight can be recorded. The app presents the evaluation of the data in easy-to-understand graphics. The more regularly the vital data is maintained, the more precisely the successes can be tracked.

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