RemediCool has a broad network of innovative health portals and reaches more than 20 million patients in different health areas. With over 30 websites & portals on cryotherapy and the founding of the cryotherapy research department with a test and research cold studio, RemediCool has positioned itself as the first port of call for cryotherapy providers and cold chamber users. Thanks to the RemediCool software and the associated app, more than 10,000 cold chamber applications have already been incorporated into the research and development of optimal cold applications. Through the development of a multimedia solution for the duration of the cold application, the application in the cold chamber becomes again and again an absolute highlight for the customer.

In more than 24 months, we have visited countless cold chamber suppliers throughout Europe and tested the cold chambers of the various manufacturers on site. Here we noticed especially discrepancies with the temperatures and the temperature stability indicated by the manufacturers. Our experts will help you select the right cold chamber and advise you on leasing models and financing options. Benefit from our experience from our CoolZoone research refrigeration studio in Cologne.

The offer is large and the differences serious. The purchase price, operating costs, maintenance costs and reliability are decisive for successful cold chamber operation.
The purchase price of an electrically operated cold chamber is between 60,000 and 250,000 euros. Nitrogen-operated cold chambers are already available from 20,000 Euro.
Cryosaunas consume large amounts of liquid nitrogen to fill the chambers and thus regulate the temperatures down to extreme values of about -100°C to -196°C (measured at the stickdoff injection nozzle). This results in higher operating costs per treatment. They are therefore more expensive to maintain than their electrical counterparts. We will be happy to advise you on this in detail.


From the first idea to the commissioning of the cold chamber. Put your trust in our market expertise. Our experts list the advantages and disadvantages of the various suppliers for you and work with you to find the right manufacturer. Our advice is always free of charge and non-binding.


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Our experts will enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of the different cold chamber manufacturers and will find the right manufacturer together with you.
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We have all the important market information at our disposal to help you make a successful start in the field of whole-body cryotherapy. Take advantage of our free service and receive compact information on the following topics:

  • The market potential of cryotherapy
  • Legally compliant advertising statements through REMEDICOOL research results in the field of cold therapy
  • Professional choice of the optimal cold chamber
  • Optimal marketing strategies for cryotherapy providers
  • Professional profitability calculations
  • Fields of application, fields of application, application time and studies in cryotherapy
  • Advice on leasing models and financing options for a cold chamber
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How future customers find your cold chamber

RemediCool operates among other things the website Kryotherapie-direkt.com to make it easier for your customers to find your cold therapy offer on the Internet.

Kryotherapie-direkt.com is Germany’s largest portal for cryotherapy providers. With an entry of your offer you offer a pleasant and advantageous service to your customers. Here you can inform your customers at any time about current opening times, prices and offers. Let yourself be listed on Kryotherapie- direkt.com and profit from the many advantages which the extensive portal for Kryotherapie covers. Kryotherapie-direkt.com offers you for example also the largest list with different manufacturers of cold chambers as well as suppliers and obtains a professional overview of the acquisition prices, assembly costs as well as the maintenance and operating cost of a cold chamber.

Price of a cold chamber

The price of a cold chamber depends on the type of cryotherapy device.

There are chambers with liquid nitrogen (cryosaunas, cold saunas) and electric chambers (cryotherapy chambers). The differences between the two operating modes are particularly noticeable in the purchase price, installation costs and maintenance and operating costs of the various types of cold chamber.

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Nitrogen VS Electric

To lower the temperature inside a nitrogen cold sauna to about -100°C to -196°C (measured at the nitrogen injection nozzle) a lot of liquid nitrogen is needed. Cryosauns do not cool the whole body, but require the head and neck to be outside the device to prevent health damage from the liquid nitrogen. In addition, cryosauns are cheaper to purchase than their electrical counterparts (approx. 20,000 – 50,000 euros). However, the maintenance and operating costs of a cryosauna are higher than those of an electric chamber.
Usually electric chambers have higher acquisition costs (60.000 – 250.000 Euro) than cryosaunas. However, the maintenance and operating costs are lower because electric cold chambers are able to maintain cold temperatures continuously over a longer period of time. Furthermore, the whole body is treated with cold in electric chambers, a so-called whole body cold therapy is therefore applicable without any risks.

That’s us: Cryotherapy experts with experience

The company WebBonus AG, founded in 2013 in Cologne, reaches over 20 million patients through its extensive network with various health portals and has thus become one of the leading service providers in the field of web and software development. WebBonus AG operates over 30 websites & portals dealing with cryotherapy and is therefore the perfect contact point for cryotherapy providers. WebBonus AG successfully supports the operators of cryotherapy studios in several countries with its core competencies in search engine optimization & local online marketing. Over a period of 18 months we have visited many different cold chamber suppliers throughout Europe and tested the different products of cold chamber manufacturers on site. Within this framework we have been able to detect discrepancies in the temperatures specified by the manufacturers. With the help of our experts you will not experience any surprises and you will find the perfect cold chamber, which optimally meets your requirements and needs, through our professional advice.

RemediCool: The cold therapy expert in the net

If your facility is a cold studio, a hotel with a cold chamber or a therapeutic or medical practice with a cryosauna and you would like to be listed on Kryotherapie-direkt.com, simply contact us. We provide you with the latest news and reports on cryotherapy and keep you up to date with the latest information and reviews of cryo chambers and cryosaunas etc.. Our experts determine the advantages and disadvantages of the products of the different cold chamber manufacturers and finally find the most suitable manufacturer for your personal needs and requirements of a cold chamber.

Our marketing concept for your success

WebBonus AG has all the important market information at a glance to give you a perfect start in the field of cold therapy. Our service is free of charge and offers important and clear information on several topics:

  • Analysis of the location
  • Data on the market potential of cryotherapy
  • professional recommendation and selection of the optimal cold chamber
  • optimal marketing strategies for cryotherapy providers
  • extensive profitability calculations
  • Consulting on leasing models and financing options for a cold chamber
  • Fields of application, fields of application, application time and studies in cryotherapy

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Further information about the purchase and advantages of a cold chamber

A cold chamber offers you in many areas an optimal opportunity to supplement your product range. For doctors, therapy facilities, hotels, fitness studios, pharmacies and cosmetic studios, a cryotherapy chamber or ice sauna can be a real investment.

So if you are planning to buy a cold chamber, there is a wide range of possible applications. As experts in the field of cryotherapy in Cologne, we will be happy to advise you and inform you about the further advantages of cryotherapy.