Electric cold chambers -85 /-110

All important information on the subject of electric refrigeration chambers

Electric cold chamber or nitrogen-powered cold chamber?

Basically, there are two different modes of operation for cold chambers and ice cabins. On the one hand, there are, for the whole-body cold therapy (GKKT) suitable, electrically operated devices and on the other hand, the ice saunas operated with liquid nitrogen.

However, these cold therapy devices differ enormously not only in the operating mode, but also in the model variants, application temperatures, purchase prices and operating costs.

Nitrogen refrigeration chambers usually have a lower purchase price compared to the electric variant, but due to the nitrogen consumption, the operating costs for these are higher.

Electric cold chambers – -85°C or -110°C?

If one decides to purchase an electric whole-body cold chamber, one is faced with the choice between many different models and the basic decision whether -85°C or -110°C electric cold.

When choosing the right model and manufacturer should pay attention not only to the temperature itself, but also to the temperature stability. Particular attention should be paid to temperature fluctuations after or between cold applications, in order to be able to plan applications as efficiently as possible in terms of time.

Temperature measurements have shown that for some manufacturers and models, the temperature indicated on the device, does not correspond to the actual measured temperature.

To the actual temperatures of the cold chamber models, it is usually difficult to get concrete statements of the manufacturers, here it is recommended either to measure the temperatures themselves, or to obtain independent advice (about a refrigeration specialist) in this regard.For this, of course, we will be happy to advise you.

These temperature variations apply both, for the -85°C-, as well as for the -110°C-systems regardless of the number of chambers.

Where are -110°C cold rooms used?

The most common and useful use of -110°C cold models is in the health sector. This means that these temperatures are used for medical and therapeutic applications in hospitals/clinics, spas and in therapeutic facilities.

From a medical point of view, a temperature of -110°C is the most suitable to use for pain therapy and promotion of health.

Mainly for chronic and rheumatic pain, cold therapy in the cold chamber is already used worldwide.

Where are -85°C cold chambers used?

The cold application at -85°C is used in all areas of application of cold therapy. Especially for daily use in cryo-studios, wellness spas, sports facilities or hotels, this temperature is ideal for almost every user and every application area.

Applications at real -85°C in the cold chamber become a lifestyle product which can be easily integrated into everyday life thanks to the small amount of time required.

Cryosaunas are known to be frequently used also by high-class sports clubs for individual athletes and entire teams for regeneration and application in sports injuries.

In addition to the use in the above facilities, the -85°C cold chambers (provided they are real temperatures) are also suitable for private use. Thanks to the different model variants, these can also be integrated into almost any apartment or house in which the technical-necessary factors are given.

What must be considered when purchasing a cold chamber?

When choosing the right manufacturer and the suitable cold chamber model, special attention should be paid to the quality of the materials used. Here, for example, the country of production also plays an important role. With good quality also goes that in the construction of the model the coefficient of expansion was considered to ensure a long life of the device. In addition to high quality and good workmanship, regular maintenance is also crucial for consistent performance of the cold chambers. When choosing a manufacturer, it is also worth looking at whether warranty and maintenance contracts are offered and whether the manufacturer has in-house service technicians or sources them externally. Basically, when buying a cold chamber, you should make sure that the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty on the cabinet.

Many cold chamber manufacturers offer different financing and leasing offers with different framework conditions, here it makes sense to obtain offers in advance and let them evaluate from a neutral position.

You can also get more information about electric cold chambers in a detailed and non-binding consultation with our RemediCool experts.