The publicly available studies on cryotherapy are not very useful from a scientific point of view and the general study situation on applications in a cold chamber is very thin.

Of course, research has already been done in the field of cold therapy and work has been done on various further studies on this.

At RemediCool, we have the world’s largest collection of Studies and application observations to the cryotherapy and carry for this constantly all information together.
Beyond that the RemediCool with the own research cold chamber center in Cologne, own further application observations for the cold air application accomplishes, which are accompanied and evaluated by professors, hospitals, physicians and experts.
This research work makes it possible among other things also to be able to make in the future legally safe advertising statements to the effect of the cold application and to the different ranges of application.


From the collected information, the experience and the own research results from the studies and application observations, RemediCool has developed its own software for cold chamber operators and an app for cold chamber users.
Based on the study results, the software for operators enables a calculation of the optimal application time to the second individually for each customer and serves in combination with the app for end customers, as an uncomplicated marketing tool, as well as for customer management.

We are happy to provide you with information and studies on cryotherapy upon request.

For a glimpse of our portfolio on health cryotherapy studies, please see below:.

    • Study on pain and rheumatism by Prof. Dr. Lange: ‘Serial whole-body cryotherapy in the criostream for inflammatory rheumatic diseases.’ Results of the study: significant improvement of pain in, among others: Arthritis Psoriatica Rheumatica and Spondylitis.
    • Study on drug reduction in chronic pain by Prof. Dr. Papenfuß: ‘Reduction of drug consumption after whole-body cold therapy.’ Results of the study: possibility of reducing cortisone and NSAIDs in rheumatism and pain patients.


In addition, we also have other studies in the field of cryotherapy in sports:.

A brief excerpt from our portfolio follows:

  • Study on regeneration in sports by D.BIAŁY: ‘The whole body cryotherapy in sports injuries and sports related pain syndromes treatment.’Results of the study: an improvement in regeneration, less pain and harder training sessions become possible.
  • Study on muscle inflammation in sports by Ferreira-Junior: ‘Could whole body cryotherapy (below -100°C) improve muscle recovery from muscle damage?‘ Results of the study: after training, the inflammatory response becomes less, long-term effects are also possible.

Many other studies in the field of health and sports, we are happy to provide on request.

To do this, simply contact us by e-mail: , or by phone at: +49 (0) 221 / 9602 8668 with us.

We gladly inform you in detail. We look forward to your call!