RemediCool Software/App.

RemediCool is a specialist in the development of health software in the medical field with its own medical expert group.  With the establishment of the cold therapy research division with a test and research cold chamber center in Cologne, RemediCool is able to provide cryotherapy providers and cold chamber users throughout Europe with the experience gained. Through the RemediCool software and associated app, more than 36,000 cold chamber applications have already been incorporated into the research and development of optimal cold applications. By developing a multimedia solution for the duration of the cold application, the application in the cold chamber always becomes an absolute highlight for the customer.

Our cold chamber software/app offers you everything you need for successful management & safe operation of your cold chamber. The software also includes the free app for cold chamber users. This communicates with customers about application time, vital data, the user’s respective application area and passes the relevant information directly to the cold chamber operator’s software. The software is composed of modules that focus on different sub-areas of cold chamber management and was developed in collaboration with sports university lecturers, physicians and psychologists and the data from over 36,000 applications in our research cold chamber center in Cologne.

  • Individual determination of the optimal application duration
  • Determination of the optimal cold application repetition
  • Customer management
  • Appointment management
  • Online booking tool with instant appointment confirmation
  • Product management
  • Detailed statistics
  • Sales overview
  • Employee Management
  • Marketing tool for gaining new customers

The optimal application time.

The RemediCool software calculates the optimal and individual application time for your customer on the basis of an initial medical history and the desired application area and creates an application plan fully automatically. To determine the optimal application time, the following factors are included by the software:

  • Application area
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Sport activity
  • Health data

After the first cold application, communication with the customer takes place via the RemediCool app. Here, the user can directly make his next appointments for further cooling applications and record his vital data.


You need to attract new customers, but you also want to retain existing ones. With RemediCool cold room software/app you can do both. Our software offers you several exclusive & powerful marketing tools. By creating customized application plans, you engage your customers and deliver unique value. Additionally, the coupon & discount management is at your disposal. With the integrated newsletter tool, you will increase sales and traffic to your store by encouraging customers to come back more often.


Both you and your customers benefit from the service area and administration functions. The software offers customer management (CRM), extensive marketing tools and takes over the scheduling as well as the determination of the optimal individual application time for your customers. Through artificial intelligence, the software / app is constantly optimized.


RemediCool software stands for simple analyses and efficient planning. To expand your business, you need to turn the right screws. With the RemediCool software you determine peak times and can thus optimize your offer more and more. You get an overview of the application areas, application repetitions, product sales and much more.


The digital medical history sheet developed by medical experts and the calculation of the optimal application time ensure safe and risk-free applications in the cold chamber. We provide you and your employees with detailed training on the RemediCool software and app.


Data and failover security is a high priority for RemediCool. As a result, enjoy the full benefits of cloud-based software. To ensure high data security, RemediCool software/app relies on advanced SSL encryption, compliance with information security standards and strict data access rights, as well as regular backups.

Tailor-made for cold chamber operators.