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Quality, safety & real temperatures for safe and successful operation.

RemediCool is a specialist in the development of health software in the medical field with its own medical expert circle. With the establishment of the cold therapy research department with a test and research cold chamber center in Cologne, RemediCool can provide cryotherapy providers and cold chamber users throughout Europe with the experience gained in the field of cold therapy. Through the RemediCool software and associated app, over 121,000 cold chamber applications have already been incorporated into the research and development of optimal cold applications. With the RemediCool software/app, we support numerous medical and alternative practitioner practices, physiotherapists and hospitals and ensure safe and optimal cold application here.

Based on our experience and the numerous temperature measurements of other cold chamber models, we only use the high-performance cold chambers from the cold chamber manufacturer Art of Cryo in our research cold chamber center.

For safe & optimal cold application


Meanwhile, there are numerous manufacturers with the most diverse cold chamber models, but there are serious differences among them. The authenticity of the minimum temperatures indicated by the manufacturer and shown in the cold chamber display, the acquisition price, the operating costs andmaintenance costs as well as the reliability are decisive for successful cold chamber operation. Note on temperatures: Temperature deviations of up to 30°C have been detected by us in measurements from several manufacturers.

The purchase price of an electrically operated cold chamber is between 60,000 -and 250,000 euros. Nitrogen-powered refrigeration chambers are available from as little as 20,000 euros.

Cryogenic saunas consume large amounts of liquid nitrogen to fill the chambers and thus regulate temperatures down to extremes of about -100°C to -160°C (measured at the nitrogen injector). This results in higher operating costs per treatment. Consequently, they are more expensive to maintain than their electric counterparts. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on this.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing a cold chamber, have the manufacturer demonstrate the temperatures of the device to you. Make sure that the manufacturer can also measure and demonstrate these temperatures with a calibrated measuring device in your presence. The measured temperatures must be identical to the temperatures indicated on the cold chamber display. We have been able to prove deviations of more than 30°C in our measurements here.

Market coverage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is currently around 6%. In the last 6 months, 20 new cold chambers have opened These new openings in 2020 were increasingly in doctors’ and physiotherapists’ practices and with alternative practitioners.

For the safe and successful operation of a cold chamber you need a certified professional training.  This training is the basis for the optimal applications in a cold chamber, the understanding of the mode of action of the cold and especially for the safe operation of a cold chamber.

You can complete this training via certified online seminars with different focuses and receive a certificate of successful completion afterwards. The seminars consist of lectures, tests on the various contents and a final test on the entire content.

We will gladly inform you in detail about our cold chamber software/app.


From the initial idea to the commissioning of the cold chamber. We will tell you about our experience from planning, design and successful implementation to the daily operations of a cold chamber.


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Learn all about cryotherapy and the operation of a cold chamber in: Hotels, gyms, physiotherapy practices, clinics, beauty and wellness facilities, and cold studios.

You can visit us at any time in our research cold studio in Cologne!


RemediCool Cold Chamber Software/App


Our RemediCool software and app give you a great competitive advantage and guarantee a safe and scientifically sound refrigeration application process for any user from any application area.


Safe and successful operation of your cold chamber!


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As a RemediCool Software customer, you will receive an inclusive marketing package for a successful start with your cologne!

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Are you interested in buying a Cold chamber?

Our experience supports your successful start in the specialty of whole body cryotherapy. Contact us or visit us at our Research Cold Chamber Center in Cologne and receive information on the following topics:

  • Power consumption and maintenance costs
  • Study situation on areas of application of cold therapy
  • Research on the Medical Cryo-Race
  • The cryotherapy of the future
  • Specialized training as cryo-operator
  • Fields of application, application time and studies in cryotherapy
Websites for cold studios
Current market coverage cryotherapy in D-A-CH
Increase in cryotherapy search queries on Google 2021
More than 45 areas of application in whole-body cryotherapy



How future customers find your cold chamber


RemediCool operates, among other things, the website Kryotherapie-direkt.com to make it easier for your customers to find your cold therapy offer on the Internet.

Cryotherapy-direct.com is Germany’s largest portal for cold therapy providers. With an entry of your offer you offer their customers a pleasant and advantageous service. Here you can inform your customers at any time about current opening hours, prices and offers. Get listed on Kryotherapie-direkt.com and benefit from the many advantages, which the extensive portal for cryotherapy includes. Kryotherapie-direkt.com offers you for example also the largest list with different manufacturers of cold chambers as well as suppliers and mediates a professional overview of the purchase prices, assembly costs as well as the maintenance and operating cost of a cold chamber.


Price of a cold chamber


The price of a cold chamber depends on the type of cryotherapy device.

There are chambers with liquid nitrogen (cryosaunas, cold saunas) and electric chambers (cryotherapy chambers). The differences between the two types of operation are most noticeable in the purchase price, installation costs, and maintenance and operating costs of the various types of cold chamber operation.

Buy a cryosauna


Nitrogen VS Electric

To lower the temperature inside a nitrogen cryosauna to approximately -100°C to -160°C (measured at the nitrogen injection nozzle) a lot of liquid nitrogen is needed. Cryosaunas do not cool the entire body, but require that the head and neck be outside of the unit to prevent any damage to health from the liquid nitrogen. In addition, cryosaunas are cheaper to purchase than their electric counterparts (approx. 20,000 – 50,000 euros). However, the maintenance and operating costs of a cryosauna are higher than those of an electric chamber.
As a rule, electric chambers have higher purchase costs (60,000 – 250,000 euros) than cryosaunas. However, the maintenance and operating costs are lower because electric cryochambers are able to maintain cold temperatures continuously for a longer period of time. Furthermore, in electric chambers the whole body is treated with cold, so a so-called whole-body cold therapy is applicable without risks.


RemediCool: The cold therapy expert


If your facility is a cold studio, a hotel with a cold chamber or even a therapeutic or medical practice with a cryosauna and you have the desire to be included on Kryotherapie-direkt.com simply contact us. We will provide you with the latest news and reports on the subject of cryotherapy and thus keep you up to date with the latest information and reviews of cold chambers and cryosaunas, etc. We will be happy to provide you with our experiences about the advantages and disadvantages of the products of the different cold chamber manufacturers.


Our marketing experience for your success


RemediCool has all the important market information at its fingertips to give you the perfect start in the specialty of cold therapy. Our service is free of charge and offers important and clear information on several topics:

– local marketing
– operating and maintenance costs, quality of cold chambers
– optimal marketing strategies for cryotherapy providers
– Fields of application, application time and studies in cryotherapy

We will make your cold chamber project successful!

Further information about the purchase and advantages of a cold chamber


A cold chamber offers you an optimal opportunity to supplement your offerings in many areas. For doctors, therapy facilities, hotels, gyms, pharmacies and beauty salons, a cryotherapy chamber or ice sauna can be a good investment.
In addition to the application areas in health, sports, beauty and wellness, cold chambers offer the cryotherapy provider a significant advantage to increase their own target group and to retain customers in the long term. Since no side effects occur during the application and immediate effects are perceptible, which can be consolidated by regularly repeating the application, cryotherapy is suitable for many areas.


Planning to buy a cold chamber, you have a wide range of possible applications. We, as experts in the field of cryotherapy in Cologne, will be happy to inform you about the other advantages of cryotherapy.

Summarized for you: What you should definitely pay attention to when buying a cold chamber


For you to choose the right cold chamber, here are some important points you should consider


Cryosauna or cold chamber:

If you want to buy a cold chamber, you have two basic decision options, either you choose an electric cold chamber or a cryosauna powered by liquid nitrogen.
These chambers differ not only in their mode of operation, but also in their application. For example, in nitrogen cryosaunas, the head and neck are outside the device during the application. Electric cold chambers, on the other hand, allow for full-body cryotherapy.

Acquisition prices:


In addition to choosing between an electric cold chamber or a cryosauna, the different purchase prices for the devices should be noted.
A cryosauna is comparatively cheaper to purchase and is priced between 20,000 and 50,000 euros for one unit.
In contrast, an electric cold chamber costs around 60,000 to 250,000 euros.
However, as not only the purchase price is a relevant decision factor, there are other costs that should be included in your decision.

Operating, installation and maintenance costs:

To cool a cryosauna to the desired temperature a large amount of liquid nitrogen is needed, making the operating costs here more costly. The installation and maintenance costs for a cryosauna are also usually higher.
The information on the operating costs for electrically operated devices varies depending on the manufacturer, but in general they are more cost-effective. This also applies to installation and maintenance costs.


Temperature stability:

Of course, the temperature inside the chamber is particularly important for cryotherapy. Thus, cryosaunas reach temperatures of -100°C up to -160°C (measured at the nitrogen injection gland) and electric cold chambers reach an approximate temperature of -110°C. To ensure successful cryotherapy, the temperature should remain stable apart from minor fluctuations during use.
Attention should also be paid to whether the device reaches and maintains the temperatures specified by the manufacturer during operation.


Icing of the chamber should also be considered in their decision, as de-icing should be factored into their usage plan for the unit.
Also in the selection of the manufacturer there are factors to be considered which we can show you with pleasure.



Depending on the different manufacturers, the qualities of the different cryosaunas are also different. These include the quality of the materials used, the technical reliability and the actual country of production.


Manufacturer warranty:

You should also compare the manufacturers’ offers when it comes to the warranty, as there are big differences here.
If you want to make sure that you find the right device according to their requirements, we are happy to assist you with our experience and support you in the decision-making process. Benefit from our experience from our research cold chamber center in Cologne.



Over the past 36+ months, we have extensively tested all manufacturers and have been able to find major differences, so we do not want to withhold our findings from you.
In addition to the information already listed that should be considered when buying a cold chamber, we would like to point out the following in particular:
Compare the different manufacturers and their models in detail and pay special attention to the information provided.
Points of reference:

– Purchase price
– operating costs
– Temperatures and temperature fluctuations
– Quality of materials
– country of production
– manufacturer warranty
– Maintenance contracts

More information about cold chambers and cryotherapy


From 01.09.2019 you will find on our website a dedicated blog around the topics: Cold chamber and cryotherapy.
On our blog you will constantly receive current information and news about the areas of refrigeration, cold applications and current research results.
With interesting articles we always keep you up to date with the latest developments and give you insights into the progress of cold therapy.
If you also have further questions about the RemediCool software, various refrigeration techniques or refrigeration equipment, we will be happy to advise you with our know-how.

The unique RemediCool App


From January 2020, the RemediCool mobile app will be available to complement the RemediCool cold chamber software. The app is available in the App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. With the app, users who are clients in a studio with RemediCool software can use various features of the app to view and manage appointments and goals. In addition, users benefit from the app’s built-in rewards program and gifting feature for sending applications. Available appointments are shown and can be booked directly in the app.

Operators also benefit from the mobile app and the perfect synchronization with the RemediCool Admin software. Thus, the new app enables an even more targeted approach to customers and their needs, as well as simple and fast customer communication. Through the constant exchange of data with the software of the cold chamber operator and the input of data by the customer, the application time can be individually adjusted as needed before each application and application repetitions can be more easily scheduled.

Visit us at our research cold chamber center in Cologne!

Our RemediCool software and app are already used throughout Germany, as well as in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, ensuring safe and optimal cooling applications.

Important note: cold chamber temperatures:


If you decide to buy a cold chamber, we advise you to carefully check the manufacturer’s temperature specifications. For this purpose, have the manufacturer demonstrate the temperatures of the desired device on site with a calibrated measuring device and compare them with the display on the device. In our measurements, we were able to determine temperature deviations of over 30°C, with which many devices do not reach the specified temperatures. Buy cold chamber: Cold chambers with guaranteed, real minus temperatures can be found at the manufacturer Art of Cryo.


We gladly inform you in detail. We look forward to your call!